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We are dedicated to the preservation of FREEDOM in Western Australia.
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No lockdowns! No consent!             No experimental vaccines!

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Rally’s are being held from Albany to Geraldton.

Two Years of Vaccine Trials!

The W.H.O. and Australian Health Department claim those who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 are the elderly or others with lung or heart disease, diabetes or other conditions that affect their immune system1 . Yet, the ongoing trials of the AstraZeneca, Novavax and Pfizer vaccines, all scheduled for Australia, mainly involve healthy participants. The “high risk” groups are grossly underrepresented or excluded.

Long Term Vaccine Side Effects

1. The Pfizer vaccine has been given “provisional” approval 2. and yet the trial is ongoing for another two years 3 Some people have experienced severe allergic reactions 4. The Novavax trial is expected to be completed in 2022/23, well before a valid assessment can be made concerning hypothesised vaccine-induced autoimmunity, referred to in the trial protocol 5. One of the AstraZeneca vaccine trials isn’t expected to be completed until 2023/23. The vaccine insert states “Very rare events of demyelinating disorders have been reported following vaccination”

$3.2 billion Aus Gov't Investment

The Australian government has “invested” $3.2billion into COVID vaccines. .Yet the TGA and FDA have admitted that they do not yet know if the vaccines will reduce transmission of the virus. Many conflicts of interest are not disclosed by governments that promote vaccines.
Australians are part of a global human vaccine experiment that can hardly answer the question “what are the long term side effects?” .

Why is there censorship?

The censorship, suppression of information, and frequent ridicule of those who speak for freedom of choice or greater transparency, has prevented valid concerns being heard. Governments have established a particular narrative within the media, and any contrary views, even from medical and scientific specialists, are not broadcast.

Why is government spending billions of dollars on experimental vaccination when:

a) other means to protect against severe disease such as vitamins and minerals, nutritious diet, exercise, etc. to improve immunity should have been subject of well-funded health education years ago. b) some proposed treatments should receive similar publicity and approval for experimental use c) the great majority of the community are not at risk of severe illness, as stated by the W.H.O. d) not only are most infections not severe but even as much as 43% of infected people don’t get sick. e) infected children seldom become ill or transmit the virus. So mass vaccination of children is not justifiable.

What are your rights?

As per the Australian Immunisation Handbook, risks and benefits of a vaccination must be explained for valid informed consent. It is not possible to give valid or informed consent to a vaccination when the risks or even benefits are undetermined.

What legal action can you take? I

If you feel pressured or COERCED to be vaccinated, wear a mask or take a PCR test against your will in order to keep your job, help is available. Contact the legal team to join one of their class actions and/or get access to their letter templates.

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