Elizabeth Quay

World Wide Rally for Freedom Perth Announcement:

Perth Attendees please be advised that it has come to the attention of Perth Freedom Rally that the WA Peacemakers will be taking measures to raise donations from members of the public using Payment terminals or donation buckets during the event on Saturday 20th November.

The beneficiaries of this fundraising have historically not disclosed the accounting for the use of these funds, and they are deployed at the sole discretion of a single individual.

Perth Freedom Rally is not the beneficiary of any fundraising that may be conducted during the event, nor does Perth Freedom Rally have any oversight of the deployment of these funds, and as such cannot guarantee the efficiency of their application in building the Perth Freedom Movement.

Should you choose to donate funds to WA Peacemakers, we would ask that you hold them to account as to how these funds are deployed for the integrity of the Movement. @PerthFreedomRallyChannel