March 31, 2021

Welcome to the PFR Blog

The Perth Freedom Rally welcomes it’s new supporters. As more people wake up to the constant barrage of media lies, our army of awakened souls is growing stronger every day. The merchants of propaganda are laughing at you, as you wear your carcinogenic masks! Join us now, as we rally together. Like minded Perth people who refuse to be fearful, who have researched the truth. Welcome aboard.

3 thoughts on “Blog”

  • Joseph Evans says:


    I have not, nor do I intend to allow any of my freedoms to be taken. I haven’t once worn a face-nappy, had a test and Certainly no experimental gene manipulation for me and my large but young family. I am happy to have been sent here and would like to get involved in resisting Tyranny.

  • hipepeter says:

    Good on you Joseph! Thanks for the Blog comment.

  • Kenneth from America says:

    Wow! We need you over here in America. It’s the same tyranny over here. Our new president sleepy Joe and creepy come all of the vice president are about as corrupt as they come. I don’t wear a mask and I won’t wear a mask, it’s all about government control. The media big tech and big business are all part of the government now. God help us all.

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